Saint Anna’s Mission Statement

The following Mission Statement was crafted in 2015 by the Vestry:

“St. Anna’s purpose is to lead people into a growing relationship with Christ, to declare the liberating power of the Gospel, and to be the church that demonstrates the love of Christ through works of justice, mercy, empowerment and hospitality.”

Prayer for the Search Process – Saint Anna’s Episcopal Church , NOLA

O God of unfathomable joy

O Savior of all who long for hope

O Spirit of unquenchable curiosity

Holy Trinity One God abide with us.

Give us the strength, enthusiasm, and wisdom to , with quiet confidence, frame and send forth our call for a new Rector. While we honor the past we look forward to the future, Remove from us any anxiety and replace it with trusting optimism and restless energy.

Give us care to hear the voices of this parish, this community, of our partners in mission near and far.

Give insights into our common life together so that in doing so we proudly say who and what we are and how we hope, long, and envision the future as harbingers of your restorative grace.

Bring to us those that have ears to hear and eyes to see a community of compassion, reconciliation, hope, justice and hospitality. That those who do hear and do see may work with us in building your dominion of freedom, your church of spiritual gravitas, your place where all may proclaim your name and that your work and will shall be done.

Give us your heart, your strength, your hope, your insights, your yearnings, and your resistless energy of love. Help us because alone we cannot succeed but with you all things are possible. AMEN

Composed by The Very Rev. William H. Terry

Saint Anna’s is a registered 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit.