Christ and Poverty

Uniforms for Anna’s Place: Esteem building and making a statement!

January 3, 2019

Youth in New Orleans have increased self esteem and are excited when they have the opportunity to march in parade and to wear a uniform. Several years ago I had an opportunity to collaborate with the very early days of The Roots of Music program. One of the main features of that very successful program […]

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Asset Based Community Development aka “Communion”

March 8, 2017

“Hey Ya’ll:I can’t thank you enough for helping me to raise Emman and Clyde. As shy as Clyde is he got a job working at [a] Restaurant on Magazine Street. Plus he have a secret girlfriend. N—and I saw him and her walking holding hands. she’s a cute lil thing, Hispanic. I guess he’ll introduce […]

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A Community within Communities: INDEPENDENCE DAY

July 3, 2012

1 Peter 2:13-25 God’s gonna trouble the waters… The noted passage in 1 Peter, a part of the Christian Bible, is a text that has been used to justify slavery, justify the Divine Right of Kings, and to generally authorize violence against any oppressed person. Yet in part it reads: “For it is God’s will […]

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A Community within Communities: God Bless us one and all!

December 15, 2011

For many of us Christmas is a season of sadness. The shadows grow long and the streets darken earlier. It is often damp and chilled. Mulled wine, bourbon, hot cakes, none seems to bring joy. We are hurt and the family that we long for seems somehow removed, inaccessible, we just want companionship and to […]

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