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To make a donation offline,

Contributions may be made by sending contributions to St. Anna’s Church, 1313 Esplanade Ave., NOLA 70116. Please make all checks payable to St. Anna’s Church. If you’re making a donation to a Memorial fund, please note the fund on your memo line).

Please contact us with any questions at (504) 947-2121

Thanks so much for supporting St Anna’s!

St. Anna’s Memorials

St. Anna’s memorial funds are established by friends that have passed, as a tribute to them and to the benefactors that continue to contribute to them.

St. Anna’s encourages Memorial giving as a way of remembering loved one living or past. Please make an inquiry with Fr. Terry about such legacy giving.

Currently options for giving are outlined in our giving module above. Target giving to missions include Anna’s Arts for Kinds, S.A.M.M., and The Dodwell House. Other options for giving are available as non-designated giving or, as mentioned, a memorial bequest for a specific improvement, vestments, or other useful church needs.

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