Dodwell House

The community of St. Anna’s Church has consecrated Dodwell House Community Resource Center to the work of transformation and reconciliation. In the work of transformation we are dedicated to engendering a culture of boundless horizons of hope, possibility, and integrity. In the work of reconciliation this facility is dedicated to the proposition that all cultures have value; that all peoples are members of the beloved community; and that issues of discrimination can and shall be vanquished by the work set about in this safe environment.

Dodwell House Community Resource Center

Among the many uses for this Community Resource Center will be our featured program, Anna’s Place NOLA, which seeks to empower children who are under-served in our community and to provide those children with Arts Enhancements, STEM introduction, and life skill instruction. We have assembled an impressive staff to meet those goals. Breaking the cycle of violence, poverty, and social estrangement takes social investment. That starts with programs like this and community centers like Dodwell House.

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