Inquirers Classes

Inquirers Classes assist those new to the Episcopal Church in obtaining a sense of who and what the Episcopal Church is. The classes are offered twice a year and cover:

  • The histories of the English Church; the Reformation and its impact on ‘Anglicanism’; the establishment of The Episcopal Church (USA).
  • A demographic ‘check-in’ of who we really are and who do we want to be.
  • Church governance and how the Episcopal Church is organized.
  • Basic doctrines and teaching of the Church (or ones ability to think about faith)
  • The Sacraments with an emphasis on Confirmation

Anyone interested in taking these classes may contact the Rector or check the our website opening page for announcements of new classes being formed.

The Inquirers Classes may lead to a decision to be Confirmed or Received (Roman Catholics) by the church.