Christian Formation

St. Anna’s provides an uplifting and comprehensive Christian formation for the whole family.

Adult Christian Education classes are taught by the Rector and digs deep into Church history and traditions, as well as the role of Christ in contemporary society.

Youth Sunday School curriculum is modeled after the curriculum developed by the Virginia Theological Seminary. The focus of level one (ages 5 – 7) is on Biblical stories from the Old and New Testaments; our middle level (ages 8 – 11) has a focus on the traditions and rituals of the Episcopal Church, the church calendar, church history, etc., and level three (ages 12 – 17)  has a focus on the “Living God” and the role of Christ and the Church in the lives of our youth. Our faculty is made up of volunteer parishioners, includeing church historians, college professors, laymen and women who share their love of Christ with others.

These adult and youth classes are conducted on Sunday mornings from 9 AM until 10 AM after gathering for coffee and snacks at 8:45 AM. Transportation is provided for those in need.

Inquirer’s Classes are an important step for those considering confirmation or reception (for those confirmed in another Christian faith) into the Episcopal Church to get a sense of who and what the Episcopal Church is.  These classes may be conducted during the Sunday adult classes or at a separate time, or individually if necessary. Please contact the Rector or Parish Administrator for more information.

Our Book Club usually meets every other week and is dedicated to fellowship and the free exchange of ideas, this easy-going group of lay people read and discuss various religious/theological books and articles. We believe that one of the fundamental aspects of church is learning and sharing experiences. It’s great to get to know God.    About Book Club – Video

Spiritual Direction is a confidential, one-to-one ministry in which a trained listener assists directees in discerning God’s movements in their personal life. The focus is deepening one’s personal relationship with God in a secure, non-judgemental environment. Also called “Holy Listening”, the actual director is the Holy Spirit. It is an excellent way to address spiritual questions and dilemmas. Please contact the Rector or Parish Administrator to discuss or schedule.

Special progams are occasionally hosted for adults to expand their knowledge and understanding of our faith.  Sometimes a small fee may be charged to cover the cost of materials but scholarship monies are always available for those who need them. Past programs have included:

  • The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament): A Jewish Perspective for Christian Listeners
  • The Book of Revelation: an in depth study of what this very strange book really says
  • The Book of Acts: A church on the move
  • Sacred and Holy places of northern England and the English Saints and mystics
  • Praying the Eucharist
  • The Saints
  • African Bible Study: The Gospel of John
  • “Lions and tigers and bears – Oh My!” Early Christian History.
  • “Marked as Christ’s own forever” reflections on our Baptismal Covenant.