Pilgrimage to Northern England: The roots of our spirituality

October 31, 2019

Saint Aelred of Rievaulx, Dame Julian of Norwich, the Venerable Bede Monk each according to their gifts set the foundations in unique ways that would eventually form Christianity in Britain and beyond. The very idea of Celtic Christianity vs. Roman Christianity finds it glory and evolution in the journeys found in and about Northumbria. Join […]

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The Arts and Anna’s Place: A modest philanthropist?

September 9, 2019

Dear Friends: As many know, Anna’s Place NOLA is a program to assist under-served children and families obtain some degree of educational and social agency and capacity. One of several tools that we use is Arts Integration as a teaching tool. We currently serve 30 children during the week days and about 40-50 children on […]

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” Today once again I was touched by the Hand of God”

July 29, 2019

A Spiritual Reflection:   Today once again I was touched by the Hand of God  by Br. Donald Dubay, CFC, Community of Francis and Clare Forward by The Very Rev. Bill Terry:  The great mystics of the present and past ages have each enjoyed a unique and memorable connection to the divine. For Christians that […]

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Rectors Report: July TRANSITIONS and the Feast of St. Anna

July 25, 2019

RECTOR’S REPORT July 2019 The Feast of St. Anna was one of the best that we have experienced in years. Some of the key features was an aggressive outreach to members who have been absent for a time. Many of those “members” joined us for the Feast and showed support for the show following the […]

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Mass Canceled on Sunday July 14th Stay tuned!

July 13, 2019

As of this moment Saint Anna’s, in order to respect City directives and to preserve community safety, will be canceling Mass normally held at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. If conditions should dramatically change and if we should have clear streets we may extend an invitation to join for Eucharist and Fellowship; both important in light […]

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Fr. Dan – Requiem Mass June 15th

May 27, 2019

Easter 6 this past Sunday was extraordinary in many ways. The Gospel reached out and took us all away to that place of peace. The Mass was said with special intention for the repose of the soul of Daniel Hanna Priest of the Church. Symbolically a red votive candle was lite and sat next to […]

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The Rev. Daniel Hanna, Friend, Mentor, Advocate and Priest

May 23, 2019

THE REV. DANIEL  B. HANNA passed away on Wednesday May 22nd in the early hours at Lambeth  House/St. Anna’s nursing home. He was visited yesterday by many friends and the prayers for the dying were administered. He was anointed and given absolution. All rituals that Dan is very fond of and deeply believed in. I […]

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This life in the city at St. Anna’s

May 16, 2019

An evening in the city. It is about six in the evening in this old city. I step out of my office on the second floor of a very old home, now a parish house “Gordon Maginnis House”, and take a moment to enjoy the perfect weather, the warmth, there is a trumpet playing on […]

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An homage to Holy Ground on the Streets: “Polo” in memorium

February 13, 2019

“Polo” was a man. He was a man who made his home along the North Claiborne Avenue corridor. I did not know Polo but I do know that he breathed, he ate, he wanted, he dreamt, he laughed and cried. Polo knew hunger and likely knew fullness. I am sure that Polo, like all of […]

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Deacon Joyce @ The American Cathedral in Paris

January 30, 2019

Written by The Very Rev. Bill Terry St. Anna’s is blessed. Through the years we have grown very fond of one another. In the course of engagement many come to mind. For this article I want to talk about Max and Albert, Joyce Jackson, and Lucinda Laird. All most excellent folks. Max and Albert joined […]

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