Parish Survey to open Easter Sunday; Sign up for a focus group

The time to give your input to guide the search for a new Rector of St. Anna’s is almost here! On Easter Sunday, April 9, all parishioners for whom St. Anna’s has an email address will receive a link to a questionnaire drafted by the Search Committee.  (Paper copies will be available for those who need one.) The Search Committee will use the results to draft the parish profile,  which will define who we are and what we hope to see in our next rector.

Your input is crucial as we strive to articulate, as our Prayer for Transition puts it, “insights into our common life together, [ ] that in doing so, we proudly say who and what we are and how we hope, long and envision the future as harbingers of Your
restorative grace.” The survey will be open (available) until 9 pm on Sunday, April  30.

If you are not confident that you are on our parish email list or would like us to mail you a paper copy of the survey, please send a note to, or leave a message at 504-475-8018.  The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete unless  you have extensive comments (which are welcome!).

In addition to the parish survey, members of the Search Committee and Vestry will be conducting a series of focus groups during the same period the survey is open (April 9 – 30). The focus groups provide another essential means of hearing your
views about St. Anna’s today, your aspirations for our Parish, and what you hope to see in our next Rector. The focus groups will complement the survey. Getting a complete picture for the parish profile depends on your participating in both. The focus groups will consist of 5-10 people and are available at the following days/times.  Please sign up in the Parish Hall or email us with the day/time you wish to attend as soon as possible.
 Sunday April 16 from noon until 1:30 pm, Front classroom of Parish House
 Tuesday April 18 from 12:30pm until 2pm, Front classroom of Parish House (light lunch provided)
 Wednesday April 19 from 6pm until 7:30pm, Front classroom of Parish House (light supper provided)
 Sunday April 23 from noon until 1:30pm, Front classroom of Parish House
 Tuesday April 25 from 7:30pm until 8:45pm VIA ZOOM ONLY
 Sunday April 30 from 9am until 10:15am, Front classroom of Parish House

The Search Committee wants to say “thank you” to Canon Morgan MacIntire of the Diocese, who has provided critical guidance and support as we’ve drafted the survey and planned the focus groups. You will have the opportunity to hear from Canon
MacIntire within a month or two after the survey and focus groups have concluded.

Apart from the parish survey and focus groups described above, Dr. Cavin Davis, Anna’s Place Executive Director, is overseeing outreach to non-parishioner stakeholders of St. Anna’s. The Vestry and Search Committee are committed to listening to those we serve regardless of whether they worship with us on Sunday morning.

The results of the survey and focus groups will be essentially a job description for the next rector and used to describe our  parish and what is important to us as a faith community. Please take the time to provide your input, so your voice will be heard
when the Parish profile is drafted.