Karen Judge’s Report to the Congregation

As most of you know, Fr. Bill will be retiring on July 23 rd of this year. A Search Committee has been formed with the approval of your Vestry. This now becomes the time we must start to search for a new rector, one that we all have a voice in choosing. The Search Committee and Vestry want to keep you informed and up to date on the selection process for our new rector. This process we are following is one set forth by the Diocese of Louisiana. To start, you will be asked to take a survey of your experiences with St. Anan’s and what qualities you feel are important in our next rector. This will be THE most important step in determining where we take this search in the direction that you want to go. This will be an e-mail survey, but paper surveys will be available here for those that prefer that format. As the surveys are taking place, we will also form focus groups to gain further understanding as to who we want in our next rector. These will be done with the guidance and support of Canon MacIntire and Bishop Duckworth. This first phase will take about 6 weeks to complete. These are the preliminary steps that we are following and want you all to feel free to ask any of us on the Search Committee any questions or concerns that you may have. This Search Committee represents all of you.

They are:

Bill Glew – Chair Karen Judge – Co-Chair Lauren Anderson

Cavin Davis Nicole Gottschalk Jim McMillan

Diana Meyers Randy Ott Tim van Alstyne

We ask for your prayers to guide us through this time of transition and to ultimately select a rector for St. Anna’s that will carry on the good works of this little church that we have all been so blessed to be a part of. If you have questions or concerns regarding this process, please email us at Transition@stannanola.org