10-11-2020 AnnaGram and Hurricane Info/19 Pentecost, Proper 23

[REVISED: 10/8/2020 AT 13:08]

Dear Members of Saint Anna’s Family:

It seems that October and indeed 2020 keeps serving up challenges and an overdose of anxiety. If, like me, you find yourself not sleeping and generally in a state of tension that should be expected. Yet, we remain here for you. We are in this together. All of the turmoil all that nature sends us – you/we are not alone. We are NEVER isolated from the Holy Spirit nor from the presence of Christ our Friend and companion. Give rest to the weary he said.

The church will be closed Thursday through this event. As to worship it seems clear to offer in-person worship. For those remaining in place as always we invite and encourage you to join us for Live Stream Facebook time. See you Sunday and stay safe.

IMPORTANT:  If you are reading this and you have no evacuation plans or possibilities please let us know ASAP.  We will do what we can to insure that you have options.

Here is your AnnaGram for this week. Click on the link below