Bulletin Notice 2nd Sunday after Pentecost 6-17-2020

St. Anna’s and COVID 19 Bulletin   
2nd Sunday after Pentecost Week 6-14-20

“Gleaners” by Jules Adolphe Aimé Louis Breton (1 May 1827 – 5 July 1906)



 The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana is permitting in-person worship service inside of churches beginning this Sunday. While that permission is granted it does expect each church to develop and deploy the best health practices possible and to follow general Diocesan guidelines.

What does that mean for St. Anna’s? Your staff and interns have been working very hard to establish creditable health safety standards. Fr. Terry hopes to convene and consult the Vestry next week if possible so that a consensus on an opening date can be made. But, this is what we know now:

  • We will employ a “reservation” system so that we can be sure to accommodate everyone wanting to worship. This will be a test and it will result in the development of one or two worship services on Sunday.
  • We will install a “Welcome Table” and “Reservations Table”. The Welcome Table will offer bulletins, missals, face masks for those that forget theirs, and hand sanitizer along with sundry other offerings. The “Reservations Table” will ask you to briefly check in with your party so that you can be seated in a reserved pew. We do all of this to comply with occupancy standards and social distancing standards.
  • We hope to invite several members to volunteer for new ministries (see the following post) and that we will begin training next week assuming we can gather the first class of candidates.
  • Initial worship will not offer Eucharist but will offer prayer and fellowship.
  • You are invited to bring your own face mask which we invite you to wear while on the campus.

Therefore, it seems likely that we may open for our first in-person public worship June 28th. Please keep checking our website in the NEWS Section or Facebook for further information.


In Order to Open for in-person Mass -New Ministries at St. Anna’s

We are still asking for volunteers

As the Episcopal Church in Louisiana moves closer to in person worship St. Anna’s is seeking volunteers for new ministries that have and are evolving as a result of the Pandemic:

  • Greeters, now are much more than greeters they will be “Crowd Managers.” This will include at least one training session in how to manage folks coming to worship: how they will enter and exit the church; how they may/or may not receive communion (if such is permitted); also how to introduce folks to our “Hospitality Table” which will provide missals, bulletins, masks if needed, and Holy Water.
  • Klean Krewe, may be greeters or may be simply devoted parishioners vested in safe worship. Assuming that we host two services these folks will be tasked with spraying down our church facility then wiping several of the surfaces down that may have been occupied. It does not require a lot of muscle but it will take (depending on the numbers of volunteers) about 20 min. max.
  • Audio Visual Ministries. This new ministry will run a modified sound board, computer, and cameras that will record and broadcast our worship services going forward. We are looking for about 4 persons who are willing to be trained and then be on a service rota.

These new ministries are vital to the life of our church, our safe worship, and are each an expression of the Love that we hold so dear for each other. Please don’t be shy, please consider volunteering for these new and vital ministries. Because soon we will be together again.

Worship and Spiritual Aids:

Did you know that any one of you can lead The Daily Office and you are encouraged to learn how to lead one of the Daily Offices of prayer. If you think that you have a calling to lead prayer via social media please contact fr.bill@stannanola.org

Missals:  https://stannanola.org/2020/06/03/the-season-after-pentecost-virtual-church-missal/

Our website contains a lot of information: stannanola.org (try it out)

The Readings this Sunday are found at this link:


The Music for this Sunday:

Opening Hymn  #539  O Zion Haste, Thy Mission High Fulfilling

Gospel/Sequence Hymn:  #51  We the Lord’s People, Heart and Voice Uniting

Music at Offering:  They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

Hymn at Communion:  LEVAS #124  Give Me A Clean Heart

Closing Hymn: WLP #752  Sweet, Sweet Spirit

If you wish to have a hymnal for use in the home email luigi@stannanola.org and we will make sure one is available to be checked and for pick up.

COFFEE HOUR! Help all of us to stay connected 
Zoom In and say hello NO PASSWORD REQUIRED…

William Terry is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Coffee Hour and Reopening Church

Time: Jun 14, 2020 11:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Dial by your location

+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

Meeting ID: 474 663 2892


________Missions Update_________

 2020 Food Pantry Shopping List from Br. Don and Company

Check the Website Next Week for a New List!

Brother Don has a new email address:  Pantry@stannanola.com and you may ask why that is. Well, Brother Don will be enjoying two wonderful experiences. He will assume his final vows as a Friar in the Order of St. Francis and Claire in June. Also in June Don will be retiring from his secular job and will be joining the staff at St. Anna’s as our first contact person, answering the door, telephones, handing out lunch bags to the homeless that come to our door and greeting visitors. What a wonderful expression of his vocation.

The June donations food list is as follows:


Then there is this

On Thursday June 11th students and faculty of the LSU and Tulane School of Medicine and other members of the medical community gathered in support of the BLM/George Floyd movement. Intern Allison Reid, seminarian, and Fr. Bill were in attendance. Fr. Bill was asked to open the protest with prayer leading to 8 min. and 46 seconds of silence. The silence was profound. Tulane Medical School has historically been a partner to Anna’s Place NOLA for quite some time. Congratulations to the students who organized it and the Faculty that supported it. In particular thank you Dean Hamm and Dean Debord.

Brother Don has taken the remarkable journey to final vows within the Order of St. Francis and Clare. His life profession made remotely but none the less powerfully. When we again join in church to worship we will install Br. Don and recognize his vows. Congratulations Br. Don.

Prayer Requests for Sunday

Parishioners please send your prayer requests to Brother Don via email prior to Friday at Noon if at all possible. Brother will submit a consolidated list of prayers to Fr Bill for our Sunday Mass each week. dondubay504@aol.com

The Church Office

OFFICE HOURS:   Spiritual Direction, Consultation, Hearing of Confessions, or just to visit. Here is the criteria; here are the Conditions:

  • It is by appointment only. Call the Church or email us. We will set it up.
  • We will maintain safe distancing and have sanitizer present.
  • If you have a fever or are sick let us know and Fr. Terry will call you. STAY HOME.
  • If you want to talk SKYPE or ZOOM on another day just reach out and we can make that happen as well.

Fr. Terry and the spiritual team are available to you to talk, meet on the internet, or meet during Office Hours for prayer, for discussion, for Confession, or simply to sit with someone in the church. Reach out to us because we can make it safe and yet stay connected. In our team is Deacon Buck, Deacon Joyce Jackson, Pastor Claire Brooks, Br. Don and myself. We are here for you. Call or email. Please do not let the isolation get to you. Do not struggle alone with depression (clinical or otherwise) give us a call. 

Church Giving Opportunities-

Please consider an additional monetary donation as well as insuring that your pledge or tithe is received. You can do this on line or by mail. That said, as St. Paul teaches us, give with a grateful and joyful spirit.  Here is the link:

Another way to help your church out is that when you are making purchases using AMAZON consider using AMAZON Smile. Select St. Anna’s as your charity and a portion of your purchases will go to St. Anna’s and the site is just like your regular AMAZON Site:

 ” For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 
Paul’s Letter to the Romans


My phone:  (504) 473-0073
Email:  fr.bill@stannanola.org
Call 504-947-2121 and leave a message.