From one of Anna’s Place Scholars COVID 19 Essay Contest Winner


Anna’s Place NOLA

COVID-19 Essay Contest


Question:  In this time of social isolation how are you connecting with your community and family?

During this time of isolation, I do Zoom classes three times a week. I get on zoom with my teachers and friends just to stay in touch. My school is offering theater and music lessons through these Zoom videos as well. I have also been practicing reading and drums. My mom is teaching me about driving and hopefully for the summer she will allow me to get behind the wheel with a guardian. We do family game nights, morning exercise and I enjoy taking out my aunt’s dog for walks and to play. On last Saturday my brother and I added to our garden and planted some pineapples, onions, bell peppers and parsley. My family and I have also been cooking and baking meals together.

I miss my friends, family and normal schedule. I can not wait to get back to work. I miss hanging out at the barber shop and hanging out with my friends at the camp.