Food Pantry Updates

Brother Don, as figurehead, represents the work of dozens in attending to the needs and by present to the homeless, the under-served, and those who simply need to be seen as human. This ministry is always developing in an effort to better serve. This ministry is also a testamony to collaborations with so many others but very importantly to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The images may not look like much, after all, they are only t-shirts or socks, but the reality they are so appreciated if you need one and don’t have one …”I was naked and you clothed me.”

We give God thanks for all the generous donations to St Anna’s Food Assistance and Homeless Outreach Ministry. We are preparing for Food Distribution this weekend and also Homeless Outreach. Fresh new T Shirts and Socks will be going out along with other hygiene items, water and snacks. Thanks to everyone for your generous support and prayers for this Ministry. Peace. -Brother Don