The Arts and Anna’s Place: A modest philanthropist?

Dear Friends: As many know, Anna’s Place NOLA is a program to assist under-served children and families obtain some degree of educational and social agency and capacity. One of several tools that we use is Arts Integration as a teaching tool. We currently serve 30 children during the week days and about 40-50 children on Saturdays; most or all live at or below the poverty level.

“Education in art is essential. Human experience is ordered in various ways, including kinesthetically, musically, numerically, verbally, and visually. Students need to experience and practice recognizing and understanding the relations between these areas of human experience if they are to gain the optimal benefit from education. Education in art helps students become selective and discriminating in their judgments and improve their understanding of their environment.”    
Anna’s Place NOLA has invested in an exciting leadership team this year. Brianna Carr and Te’era Coleman. A dynamic and well credentialed team. We also use the wonderful gifts of three arts and humanities instructors. Each represents a discipline in the arts: graphic art, dance, and drumming (music and cultural history). While we are always seeking funding for our comprehensive programming I am now asking for a “Modest Philanthropist” to consider funding these three essential artists and including support for our newly hired choral director at Anna’s Place NOLA . Our goal is an annualized pledge or commitment of $10,000 dedicated to arts integration and enhancement. This will represent a modest portion (less than 4% of the annual program budget) of the work that we do and its outcomes. We have collaborations with NOMA, The New Orleans Philharmonic, and NOLA Project (theater group). Yes, we also offer concentrated courses and introduction to STEM learning as well. This is really a robust program. But we really need your support for all or most of our goal. If you or your organization, group, church, or business are interested in investing in our Arts Integration faculty please email me with any questions or with your pledge/commitment. My email address is: .
Here is to a great Fall and Spring semester at Anna’s Place NOLA ( ).

Brianna Carr, Director Anna’s Place NOLA. M.A. Humane Education; B.S. Psychology; A.A. Sociology

Te’Era Coleman, Program Coordinator. B.F.A. Acting and Theater; Certified Scrum Master (CSM).