Columbarium and Memorial Drawings are in…

We have sacred space.

As some may know our courtyard is a sacred space. It was blessed by Bishop Brown and is home to the cremains of musicians, civil war soldiers, vagabonds, and church goers. Sometimes the the memorial plaques are obscured by plants and the deck needs painting. On the street side of our garden is the Victims of Violence Memorial. It badly needs updating.

With the great grace and talents of Mr. Joel Dyer, our sacred artist in residence, we have developed plans to install a columbarium and upgrade our Victims of Violence Memorial. The columbarium will be reminiscent of the burial grounds around our city. It will provide for a final resting place for our members. The cost of burial is very high now and this is an affordable solution. Such also reminds us all of the cycles of life and provides for a focal point for families. It is rather like the old burial grounds surrounding early English churches.

The reverse or street side of the plans will also provide for a dignified Memorial Wall (see illustration). It is a mission that transforms. We hope that you will consider investing in this major improvement to our facility and such provide us with sacred and holy possibilities. If you wish not to be interred here but still wish to invest in this sacred structure we invite memorial gifts that will contribute to the building of the memorial/columbarium. In addition we are now seeking and will put in place a replanting of the garden with regular maintenance of plants and beds in our holy courtyard. For further information on investing see Fr. Terry or Charlie Gottschalk.