Katrina Remembered: Anna in Exile 9-29-2005

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Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 11:58 AM


Dear Friends:

After some serious prayer and consideration we have decided to move the date of our gathering and day of reflection and planning. We do this mindful of the time of each of you and how difficult it is to travel and how exhausting doing almost anything these days can be. Out of pastoral considerations therefore we would like to consolidate our time and efforts. Therefore, we are moving the “retreat” day to Sunday October 2 in lieu of Saturday October 1. In Summary therefore:

St. Anna’s Retreat and Planning Session

DATE:                              SUNDAY OCTOBER 2, 2005


TIME/AGENDA:      10:00 AM MASS at Mandi Maki home next door or outdoors if the weather is good.

                                        11:15  Gather in Parish Hall (aka Terry’s kitchen/living room)

                                        11:30  Prepare food: po-boys etc.

                                        12:00  We bless food and eat

                                        12:45  We open with prayer and begin to briefly describe what each person/family been doing; where they are; where they hope to be over the

next several weeks or months. This is a good time to identify and special needs including job oppotunities or job seeking.

                                       1:30 BREAK

                                       1:45 REPORT FROM RECTOR STATE OF THE CHURCH AND LIST OF HELPERS

                                       2:15 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

                                       2:45  PLANNED RE-ENTRY

                                       3:00  CONTINUE CONVERSATION OR ANY TOPIC DEEMED NECESSARY

                                       3:30  RENEWAL OF PLEDGES ADJUSTING FOR CURRENT SITUATIONS

                                       4:00  CLOSE WITH PRAYER


We hope that this will be a bit more helpful. Please think about how much time, if any, you are willing to give to St. Anna’s relief efforts. Please pray about your new giving amounts. This will be done privately we will pass out pledge cards etc. Do not be embarressed if you need to reduce your pledge … be real.

If there are any special items that YOU think we need to discuss please let me know via email and I will put it on the agenda.

ACCOMODATIONS & FOOD:  We know that some of you are coming from great distances. We have room and cots available with air conditioning! Please do not hesitate to take us up on the offer for beds. Just let us know when you expect to arrive and what night you want a bed for.

We will supply po-boy fix’ns you bring a 2 liter soft drink or beverage of choice, a salad or chips, maybe someone can bring some cookies or a desert. Knowing St.Anna’s we’ll have 5 salads and 5 deserts and that is a good thing.

Any questions please email or call. But again, given this new agenda please RSVP so we can figure the right amount of food.



Fr. Bill+