Diana Meyers and Issac

Just got off the phone with Diana.
They left our house this afternoon and went to New Wine Ministries on Airline where the parish was bringing all the people the evacuated from the back of our subdivision. When they got there they realized it was just a place for everyone to gather and the plan was to bring in buses to take them to a state shelter somewhere.
They saw Danny (Joey’s stepson who is deputy) and he told them that Airline was open to Baton Rouge, so she just called me from there.
She hadn’t even gotten in yet to know if they had power or not.
For those that don’t know the whole story, Chuck and Zina decided to stay in their house. Diana said she heard a knock on the door and it was a parish employee that said he had her folks with him, so he dropped them off. According to Zina, everything was fine and she went to the back of the house to do something and when she came back water was almost up to her door. When the parish employee came to get them and she opened the door, she said 2 feet of water came in. By the time Diana decided to leave, she could see the water down Devon, which is about a block away. So we have no idea if water got to or into our house. Danny said he would try to take a look if he go the chance. He was estimating 4-5 feet in the back where Chuck and Zina live.
Diana lost power at the house around 4 this morning, but other than a small section of our fence being down, she said there really wasn’t much else. She forgot to grab her cell charger so she is having to charge her phone in the car, which takes forever. She called me from Zina’s phone but she isn’t sure if Zina thought to bring her charger.
Communicating will be tough but if I hear anything I’ll be sure to let everyone know.
They told me I can leave Lakeside around noon tomorrow, but a lot of good that does when I can’t get to my house because I-10 and Airline are both closed, plus if I have no power at the house what good wold it do?
So I guess I’ll stay here until I’m able to get home or get to Diana.
MICKEY Diana’s husband is stuck in NOLA working on critical data for Tulane Med Center and yes Diana and her family are safe in Baton Rouge