A Community within Communities

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Community within Communities” is a series of articles currently being published in Ambush Magazine by invitation of the owners and publishers. It was first conceived when Rip and Marsha, the Ambush publishers, attended a fund raiser for Dodwell House a future community center for outreach of St. Anna’s Episcopal Church. This magazine is important to us because it is currently THE voice for the LBGT community in New Orleans, although its emphasis is on entertainment and the LBGT social scene, it is nonetheless a vehicle for communication. The fact is that the LBGT community is important to St. Anna’s because of the profound need in that community to be included especially in the arena of faith and prayer.

As such future postings in St. Anna’s Blogspot will include already published articles as they appear in Ambush. We hope to make this a vehicle for reflections and editorial comments from a faith perspective and so we will also begin the work of offering our views of faith, families, and community as it relates to missions and purposes of our Lord through His church, St. Anna’s in the Treme. Pace Fr. Bill Terry+


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